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  • Faster deployments
  • More efficient use of your time (and your team’s time!)
  • Far fewer mistakes, errors and rollbacks
  • An edge over your competition
  • Delivery to all platforms
  • Another way to be an IT hero!
  • Traceability and greater control

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You have the enormous responsibility of coordinating and executing application deployments, and if you’re stuck doing any part of that manually, you must be looking for a better way.

With more pressure to deliver faster, any manual steps are prone to mistakes that lead to deployment failures, late releases and late nights! There must be a better way.

You’re the one building environments and making sure configurations and code are consistent from end to end. But is that the best use of your time? You need a better way.

Automated application deployments facilitated by Serena Release Automation are the better way.

You get:

  • Easy Process Designer
  • Model-based Application Deployments
  • Plug-in architecture with out-of-the-box support for the major application environments
  • Inventory system that tracks what is where and the differences between environments
  • Quality Gates and Approvals
  • Full audit and compliance support
  • Replaces Custom Scripting

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Serena Release Automation seamlessly enables deployment pipeline automation, reducing cycle times, and providing rapid feedback on build deployments and releases into production. Supporting continuous delivery and production deployments, Serena Release Automation bridges the DevOps divide by simplifying and automating handoffs and deployments across development and operations team across all of your environments.

Download, install and use Serena Release Automation. It’s your first step to a better way.

Serena Pricing

Serena Release Automation is priced per end point to which software is deployed, including both physical and virtual servers. The Community Edition is free but limited to 5 end points. Upgrade to the Professional Edition for unlimited end points, priced by volume.

Full product functionality check! check!
Library of 150+ plug-ins check! check!
Regular product updates check! check!
Unlimited users check! check!
Technical support 24x7 phone, email
and website
24x7 phone, email
and website
Server end points 5 Unlimited
Price Free for 30 days $1,490 per end point
with volume discounts

About Serena

Serena provides software solutions that automate, control and instrument the most important IT development and operations processes. Our application development, release and service management products tie together existing tools into a process-driven human workflow. Orchestrating these processes with Serena allows you to deliver applications faster, improve IT service performance and lower IT costs.

About Serena's
Deployment and Release

Serena offers deployment automation and release process management. Serena Release Automation supports continuous delivery and controlled path-to-production deployments. Serena Release Manager creates a repeatable and consistent release process across distributed, cloud, mobile and mainframe applications. Both products help bridge the DevOps divide by integrating with existing toolchains to simplify and automate the handoffs among Development, QA and Operations teams.

Deploy Applications Into Production Faster

Almost every organization depends heavily on its IT capabilities to support its success. New applications and services are essential to driving competitive advantage, maintaining services and building new ones. Most IT organizations today are looking at the bottlenecks in the software delivery process and implementing continuous delivery and DevOps process improvements to increase speed, increase quality and reduce reword. Serena's solutions are proven in helping IT deploy applications into QA, pre-production and ultimately production...faster and with less human intervention.

Helping IT Deliver the Right Apps at the Right Times

A formal, automated release management process helps organizations maximize the value of their existing IT staff. Release management is an application lifecycle management process that guides IT efforts from application code development through testing and into production, helping to focus resources on timely delivery of the functionality that the business needs. Well-designed and comprehensive release management enables organizations to:

  • Improve visibility and insight into project timelines and progress, to help prevent surprises and keep all stakeholders on the same page
  • Improve release quality, to increase the number of successful deployments and reduce downtime, whether planned or unplanned
  • Increase release flow, to get critical changes into production sooner with existing or fewer resources
  • Simplify compliance, to enforce the consistency and traceability of changes

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