The Social IT Game

Hone Your IT Strategy with the Social IT Game

The Social IT Game is an iPad-based 90-minute roundtable workshop that uses gamification to reveal cross-functional priorities within enterprise IT organizations. These revelations allow IT leadership teams to move forward with a new clarity about how common challenges are prioritized across the organization.

We are offering you and your team the opportunity to have an experienced facilitator come on site, iPads in hand, to take your team of up to eight IT managers and executives through the 90-minute Social IT Game experience. What your organization will gain by participating:

  • Learn how team members differently prioritize mission critical capabilities
  • Lunch for your team provided by Serena during the 90-minute Social IT Game workshop
  • Get to know Serena better, who we are and what we do
  • Receive an Assessment report suitable for sharing throughout your organization
  • Sharpen your IT strategy and execution ability, based on findings

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