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Mainframe VUG – Topic: ChangeMan ZMF M+R Option

ChangeMan ZMF Beyond Application Change Management

Duration: 45 minutes

Are you upgrading your operating system, subsystems or vendor tools? Having difficulty bringing your customizations to current releases? Is verifying versions of libraries and member content a nightmare? Are your systems projects backing up delivery of business applications?

In this Mainframe VUG we will explore how you can leverage ChangeMan ZMF to add value to your system management projects. Join expert Ron Palaniuk in this hour-long interactive session to see and hear how you can use the ChangeMan ZMF M+R option to:

  • Simplify and accelerate upgrading system software
  • Easily merge and reconcile custom code with vendor code
  • Improve system management productivity
  • Reduce system project backlog
  • Rapidly take advantage of system enhancements

Ron will take questions and demo ZMF live. Don't miss the VUG on November 17... Get the urge to merge instead. We look forward to having you join us.

About the speaker:
Ron Palaniuk is a Senior Consultant that has been with Serena since June 1999. He has been involved in implementation, training, and general assistance of ChangeMan ZMF. Ron has a background primarily in z/OS, TSO, REXX, and DB2, but also has experience in VM (mainframe), CMS, and Linux.

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