Mainframe Virtual User Group - DevOps is Ready Already

Watch the Introducing SBM 10.1.4 Webcast from July 1, 2014.

Join Ben Cody and Aurn Vijaykumar to learn all about the latest capabilities that are bundled in our new SBM 10.1.4. We’ll start with an overview of the new release and quickly dive into a live product demo with running commentary from Ben and Arun on how your organization can leverage the new SBM capabilities to:

  • Become more agile in managing large backlogs of work
  • Respond more quickly to high priority issues by finding the right people to assign and escalate work
  • Improve understanding of how existing SBM license capacity is utilized
  • Incorporate rich text and advanced formatting into traditional text fields
  • And much more

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Introducing SBM 10.1.4

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