A recorded DevOps Presentation and Q&A

In this webcast, Richard Michaels, Quality Assurance and Release Manager for Eaton Vance, explains how his financial services company transformed their software release process with the help of tools from Serena Software. He provides an overview of the before and after states of the now-streamlined application release management process at Eaton Vance.

Richard discusses how Eaton Vance:

  • Centralized their release management process

  • Secured and controlled releases

  • Automated the release process

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How Eaton Vance Transformed Their Software Release Process

About Richard Michaels

Richard Michaels is Quality Assurance and Release Manager for Eaton Vance.  Among other areas, Richard is responsible for managing the IT Security Configuration and Change Detection System.  Prior to working for Eaton Vance, Richard was an independent consultant working with several financial services companies.


About Eaton Vance

Eaton Vance is one of the oldest financial services firms in the United States with a history dating to 1924.  Reflecting the traditional values of its home in Boston, Massachusetts, Eaton Vance established its reputation as an investment manager for wealthy individuals by offering a conservative approach to managing money and an uncompromising commitment to integrity and quality.

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