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Leading Agile and DevOps transformation in the Enterprise with Gary Gruver

DevOps is not just for start-ups! However, scaling DevOps in large enterprises requires shifting of culture, coordination of work across teams, reinvention of legacy applications and much more. Before you undertake any change to improve your software development processes, you would want to learn from the person who has gone before you and tasted success. Listen to the recording where Gary shares his best practices and recommendations from his groundbreaking work at HP and Macy's and talks about how to lead a successful DevOps transformation. 

Gary Gruver is an experienced executive with a proven track record of transforming software development and delivery processes in large organizations. He is currently working with executives across the industry to help them transform their development and delivery processes. As Co-author of “Leading the Transformation”, he shows executives of large traditional organizations how to lead their transformation by applying Agile and DevOps principles at scale. As co-author of “A Practical Approach to Large-Scale Agile Development”, he documents how they revolutionized software development processes at HP while he was the Director of the LaserJet Firmware development lab.


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Leading Agile and DevOps transformation in the Enterprise with Gary Gruver

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