Mainframe Virtual User Group - DevOps is Ready Already

As the DevOps movement approaches the 5 year anniversary of its first devopsdays, it’s time to take a moment to reflect on what the movement has achieved, how has it lived up to its principles and goals and where it’s going next. Are we heading for a DevOps 2.0 or is it a daily build that continues to improve?

In this webcast, Patrick Debois shares his insights into the current state and direction of the DevOps movement.

About Patrick Debois

Patrick Debois is the father of DevOps. He coined the term "DevOps" and founded DevOps Days, which has gone from a small event to a global phenomenon. He's a major consultant based in Belgium and is a frequent presenter at Agile conferences and XP Days across the globe. Over the course of 15 years of consultancy, Patrick has assumed many different roles within large enterprises, he currently specialize in applying Agile techniques in infrastructure integration projects, sometimes called DevOps.

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The Future of DevOps Featuring Patrick Debois

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