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The way software is delivered in today’s enterprise has changed dramatically. We are now required to build and deploy software that can be released into production at any time. In order to satisfy this requirement, we need to continuously integrate the software changes from development to build, deploy, test, and be ready to release into production, as the business requires it. This is a major change and organizational silos, embedded tools and existing processes make it more complex.  

See how Serena Deployment Automation integrates the “end-to-end” toolchain and automates the continuous delivery deployment pipeline. You will discover how you can:

  • Accelerate and automate application build, deployment, installation and remediation
  • Store and control your release deliverables
  • Gain visibility into and control of your application releases, environments and schedules
  • Integrate with development version control, continuous build and integration toolsets throughout the production pipeline
  • Ensure and improve compliance with internal business processes

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Implementing Continuous Delivery & Self Service Application Deployment

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