Serena DevOps Drive-In Webcast

Wednesday, March 19th at 9 am PT/Noon ET/4 pm UK 

Modern technology services are extremely complex environments that cater to the accelerating demands of business. While, Agile development has proven to be a boon to fulfilling these demands, it is imperative to have the right balance of agility and discipline to be nimble and trustworthy. Heed the lessons from the new class of industrial manufacturing. Join guest speaker, Forrester Analyst, Glenn O'Donnell as he guides you through this complexity with a pragmatic approach balancing agile response and trustworthy governance.


  • Glenn O'Donnell discusses Forrester's pragmatic approach of lean manufacturing to IT
  • Q&A

About Glenn O'Donnell

Glenn O'Donnell is a Principal Analyst with Forrester Research, Inc. Glenn serves Infrastructure & Operations professionals. He is widely regarded as a top thought leader in IT service management, IT operations, and the broader social implications of technology evolution. He is the co-author of The CMDB Imperative.

This web conference will be hosted by:

Mark Levy, Product Marketing Manager, Serena Software

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DevOps: IT Flavor of the Year, or IT Lean Transformation?

Glenn O'Donnell
Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
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