CIC Vendor Spotlight - Serena Release Manager

CIC Vendor Spotlight: Serena Release Manager

Increasing the cadence of software delivery to drive competitive advantage, is what most Business Units want from their IT departments. Getting there is not simple, however: software in any company is a complex environment. Speeding up software delivery without adversely impacting existing systems requires strong processes, quality management and good governance.

One of the most important processes in the handover of software from development into production/ operations is Release Management. This is a core process to ensure quality, stability and good governance is maintained. Ultimately, Release Management manages software as it passes through four critical phases: Planning, Development, Testing and Implementation. Each of these phases is well understood by IT, but guiding software through them, at speed, can sometimes appear to be more of a haphazard game of chance than a well thought out engineered approach.

In this spotlight review we look at the next version of Serena's Release Manager, how it integrates with their existing tools and what it offers both the business and IT departments when it comes to increasing the speed of software delivery.

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CIC Vendor Spotlight: Serena Release Manager

Planning and control for continuous software delivery

A Creative Intellect Consulting Spotlight Review

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