Serena DevOps Drive-In Webcast

Thursday, June 19th at 9 am PT/Noon ET/5 pm UK

In the past webinars we have heard DevOps enthusiasts, authors and analysts like Gene Kim, Kurt Bittner, Damon Edwards, Bola Rotibi, Mandi Walls talk about DevOps and Continuous Delivery for enterprises. We have also seen how Serena customers have transformed their release process by implementing continuous delivery. All cases revealed that introducing a DevOps culture to an organization is not as simple as just flipping a switch.

In this webinar, join Ben Cody, Vice President of Products and Julian Fish, Director of Software Engineering as they discuss and demonstrate key use cases to facilitate DevOps adoption, from both a cultural and tooling perspective. Serena will explain and demonstrate two simple mechanisms to gain rapid value from a DevOps approach focusing on:

  1. Ways to implement continuous delivery for enterprises
  2. The value of change based deployments
  3. Best practices and tool adoption
  4. Demo on Release Automation by Serena and how it supports DevOps concepts including:
    1. Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery for rapid deployment and feedback
    2. Change Based Application Deployment to ensure controlled deployments to managed environments

Here's a brief demo video to review before the webinar:

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Implementing Continuous Delivery and Change Driven Deployments with Serena

Ben Cody
VP Product Management, Serena Software
Julian Fish,
Director of Software Engineering
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