White Paper: Orchestrated Operations Management

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Orchestrated Operations Management

6 Steps to Competitive Dominance where the IT Rubber Meets the Road

This six page whitepaper, written by enterprise IT expert David Hurwitz, spells out five key changes occurring within today's IT Operations organizations and environments.

You'll then learn six responses you can make to turn those changes to your competitive advantage. Each step is described in practical terms.

  • Synchronize People with Process
  • Systematize Demand Management
  • Automate, Automate, Automate
  • Integrate People + System Processes
  • Rally around an Operations Calendar
  • Orchestrate Service Management

The paper describes how you can pick any of these as a starting point, implement it, gain value, and then judge which one to pursue next. Thus it is consistent with today's fast cadence, Lean methodology. The idea is that incremental gains, consistently achieved soon add up to crushing competitive advantage.

How do you get started? Read Orchestrated Operations Management.

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