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"Modernizing" mainframe applications used to mean moving applications off the mainframe. Today, modernizing means moving more application workloads and functions onto the mainframe. Read more to learn how the modern mainframe SCCM solution lets you bring the best of both worlds to mainframe application development: the legendary rigor and stability of the mainframe and the flexibility of Java and other modern programming languages. The modern mainframe SCCM tool provides:

  • Open and flexible development environments,
  • Full native support for Java, HFS, and XML, and
  • Integrated release management

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Serena® ChangeMan® ZMF is the leading software change management tool for z/OS mainframe systems. ChangeMan ZMF ensures reliable control of software assets and automates the migration of software changes from a development environment to multiple test and production environments.


Modern Mainframe Application Development:
How to Accelerate Business Change While Minimizing Cost and Risk

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