Webcast - Enterprise DevOps: Implementing Continuous Delivery with Serena Release Manager

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Enterprise DevOps: Implementing Continuous Delivery with Serena Release Manager

Live Demo and Discussion

Thursday, 14th November at 11am (UK Time: GMT)

Keeping track of application development can be a challenge. New Requests and demands for updates come through from business users all the time, while focusing on what is the highest priority also has to be managed. So how do you plan ahead?

For application development teams, ranking and analysing what tasks have to be carried out and when, is a necessary skill to develop. However, many teams still don't have the right skills to keep up with where their organisation wants to be, and they can often underestimate how long it will take to get work completed. Agile development helps teams to be more productive and focus on work that will deliver business value, bit it only takes you so far.

To improve this situation, teams can visualise and plan their development more efficiently with tolls that map out the overall workflow from initial demand through to final release and delivery.

Kevin Lee from Serena Software will go into how development teams can adopt better planning and prioritisation, as well as how to feed that information back to the business.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Getting control of your application releases and schedule – knowing what is where and when.
  • Understanding business priorities and deliverables.
  • Automating workflows to speed up development and deployment
  • Integrating with development version control, continuous build and other toolsets.
  • Ensuring compliance with internal business processes where it is needed.


  • Planning releases across Dev and Ops
  • Demonstration of Serena Release Manager
  • Questions / Answers

This web conference will be hosted by:
Kevin Lee, Senior Solutions Architect

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