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Enterprise Release Management: Implementing Release Trains, Turnovers and Runbooks for Better Dev and Ops Collaboration

Live Demo and Discussion

Thursday, 25th September at 11am (UK Time: BST)

IT operations and application development must work more closely than ever to deliver the application services that the business demands.  DevOps is the movement that focuses on improving the collaboration and coordination between application development, QA and IT operation teams.  Ultimately, technology and process must connect these teams; then, and only then, will the applications be delivered with the timeliness and quality that the business demands.

Join us in this one-hour webinar to find out how you can improve your DevOps collaboration using the techniques of:

  • Release Trains - add control and visibility to your release process, enabling coordination of multiple releases, multiple products and multiple teams
  • Turnovers - capture deployment tasks and environmental information between development, QA and operations teams
  • Runbooks - aggregate turnovers into a template for future reuse to schedule to execute automatically across environments

We'll show you how you can improve collaboration in your enterprise release management systems using Serena Release Manager, an end-to-end automation platform that uniquely integrates with existing tool chains, improves visibility and control throughout the release process and simplifies and automates handoffs across development, quality and operations teams.

This web conference will be hosted by Kevin Lee, Senior Solutions Architect

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