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"We chose Serena for release management to improve the process, standardize methodology, and automate the release process."

         - CTO, North American Financial Organization

In order to be competitive in today’s environment, businesses have to adapt rapidly and cost efficiently in response to changes in the marketplace. This business agility has dramatically increased the volume of change requests into the IT organization. Adopting agile methodologies and continuous integration is the first logical step teams implement to satisfy this “need for speed,” but that typically just pushes the bottleneck further along the “path to production.”

Software is not getting deployed into test environments nor released into production environments any quicker. Lack of control of the release process, poor collaboration between teams, and manual deployments are all leading to poor quality releases at a high cost to the business.

Improving and changing the way you release and deploy application software is a big challenge.  How do you begin your journey to improve the quality and speed of your releases into production?

Enjoy reading the Best Practices for Release and Deployment Management white paper and learn about:

  • Overall approach to release and deployment transformation
  • How to increase your responsiveness to the business
  • Ways to streamline you release process and improve operational efficiency

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Best Practices for Release and Deployment Management Whitepaper

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